Steel Detailing

TopEngineer is a leader in the steel structures detailing market and we are proud to be a part of more than 300 completed projects over the last decade.

Rebar Detailing

Rebar detailing services is one of the key as well as the most important services that we offer for a large variety of buildings and facilities of any complexity, providing shop drawings for constructing reinforcement of steel.

BIM Modeling

BIM or Building Information Modeling is the new as well as the latest services of approaching the designs. It is the process where you can convert all your paper design into a digital format.

Structural Analysis

Calculation of joints is the most critical step in detailing, as joints being the weakest link in structures. Thus we offer a professional approach in calculation connections, using special software, such as IDEA StatiCa.

Structures detailing in BIM Tekla Structures


TopEngineer provides leading engineering services being innovative Structural Steel Detailing, Rebar Detailing, BIM Modelling, Joints Calculation and Structures Optimization company, committed to provide high quality services at any range and depth of steel and concrete structures to the commercial and industrial sectors.

We provide our services and solutions on a global scale, present in United States of America and European countries. Our international reach, industry expertise guarantees clean, accurate and comprehensive deliverables on schedule, with account for country- specific legislation and standard detailing practices.

Our Mission

Our goal is to continue to be the top leading steel detailing provider, and to become the industry’s first and only choice by developing excellent long-term relationships with our clients. Thus, our team is mostly concerned with getting your structure drawn right, instead of simply drawn quickly, ensuring that the final product is complete. We strive for 100% client satisfaction. Your success is our success!

Structures detailing in BIM Tekla Structures


As steel detailers, we generate 2D plans and 3D models to aid the fabrication and erection process of steel framework. These technologies allow us to maintain strong and focused plans/ models for all projects, regrdless of scope and complexity.

Steel structures detailing Steel structures detailing is an essential part of a steel structure design. Manufacturing of steel parts (details) is fulfilled in accordance with detailing drawings. Steel detailing is the production of shop drawings for a steel fabricator.

Advanced Bill of Materials - The preliminary metal specification required for the project.

A Single part drawings - а set of drawings of each part with all the dimensions to produce it. Each drawing consists of one part with all dimensions and other properties. Single-part drawings depict how many parts with this mark are needed and which assemblies include them.

Assembly drawings - display how to weld detail pieces to each other. The drawings show dimensions and general size of each assembly and include bill marks of each detail and marks of assembly.

Bolts specification - the list and number of bolts to be applied in a structure.

Erection drawings - the installation process is held in accordance with these drawings. Erection drawings consist of plans and a section with marks of assemblies. Erection drawings may display typical joints.

Bill of Materials - list of materials required for manufacturing. The material loss incurred in cutting is not considered in this bill. Usually, the loss of cutting is from 1% to 5%.

Shipping List - the list and the number of assembly. Mark (assembly) is a structural element which is sent from a workshop.


As steel detailers, we generate 2D plans and 3D models to aid the fabrication and erection process of steel framework. These technologies allow us to maintain strong and focused plans/ models for all projects, regrdless of scope and complexity.

  • Steel structures detailing
  • Advanced Bill of Materials
  • A Single part drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Bolts specification
  • Erection drawings
  • Bill of Materials
  • Shipping List



    Rebar detailing is a detailed construction engineering process that includes the bending shapes, placement, dimension, quantity, description and laps of the reinforcement. TopEngineer is able to provide rebar detailing for a large variety of buildings and facilities of any complexity (rebar framing plan design, rebar structure foundation, rebar pit design, rebar framing plan, rebar beam design). Today you can find reinforced concrete in nearly every major construction project such as roads, bridges, industrial and commercial building structures, sewer systems, ventilation systems and many more. The primary use of rebar is to reinforce a piece of concrete because of its weak tensile strength. To overcome this, rebar is cast into it to increase its tensile strength, guaranteeing load support and minimizing stress. Here at TopEngineer we offer efficient rebar reinforcement modeling in 3D, producing and achieving high-levels of accuracy. Working with Tekla Structures software allows our engineers to draw precise and accurate 3D rebar detailing, which is easier to interpret and faster to detail than creating a 2D drawing. In addition to the drawings, we provide CNC machine data which helps to cut and bend the rebar to the desired shapes.

    Our skilled staff provide high quality detailing and optimal model calculations including estimating the efficient amount of rebar and concrete needed, minimizing costs and saving time.

    Bar bending schedule(BBS) - describes the location, mark, type, size, length and number, and bending details of each bar.

    Placing & shop drawings - provide instructions to the field ironworker on where to place the reinforcing bars within the form work. Placing drawings may also indicate the bar support layout and a placing sequence, facilitating the efficient installation of the reinforcing bars.

    As built drawings - the original design drawings are revised to reflect any changes made in the field.



    BIM is a universal platform for building. It puts together every piece of information about every component of a building project. With BIM you are able to access any type of information, integrating everyone working with the project, making everything more efficient and cost effective. Companies using BIM save production costs and time as they have a much lower chance of making mistakes.

    The data from BIM about any given building can be used to simulate the full life-cycle of a facility, from the beginning of initial project production until the demolition phases, counting in the recovery of any recyclable materials. Subsurface and below-ground spaces and facilities with their systems can be modeled and shown using a 1-to-1 scale next to each other, which in turn can be simulated and depicted in the entire project. Such vast amounts of information can prevent any errors which can show up during different phases of the project.



    Topengineer LTD is a consulting engineering firm that specializes in innovative, cost effective, structural designs Our business objective is to provide high quality, specialist structural engineering services to construction companies and large infrastructure asset owners.

    Our staff is composed of highly qualified professionals and technicians with over 20 years of experience in the design and construction industry. We offer full services, from initial planning and concept development to construction documentation, and construction administration. Our professional services are provided for commercial, residential, hospitality, and institutional projects.

    As structural engineers, we focus on providing our clients with responsible and imaginative solutions to engineering challenges. Our staff is known for its innovative use of software and materials, as well as for the development of new structural systems and concepts. Our project sizes range from small renovation and additions to large high rise commercial buildings.



    Usually, the calculation of connection in a steel structure is needed to develop steel structures detailing design. Construction calculations are necessary to select the best matches and optimal connection configurations while using the minimum of material consumption. A detailed study of the calculation of all the project components can greatly increase the complexity of the final project and increase the time and cost of design.

    The result of joint calculation is to be presented in the form of a calculation note. In order to calculate joints in steel structures, the actual loads acting on each element are needed. If the actual loads cannot be highlighted in the basic design of steel structures, it can instead be developed beforehand.

    If connection calculation is necessary, we use IDEA StatiCa, a program based on the method of finite elements used to calculated connections. IDEA StatiCa allows us to calculate steel joints such as 2D frames and trusses, footing and anchoring, 3D frames and trusses and reinforcement connections such as beam details, wall details, diaphragms, frame joints, hangings and brackets. The price evaluation for each project is bespoke and there are a few factors influencing the cost.

    CONSULTING Tekla Structures SAP2000 or IdeaStatica


    Maximize your potential with Tekla Structures, SAP2000 or IdeaStatica trainings

    Virtual and classroom courses give you the confidence and skills to be more productive with engineering software.

    • 01 Tekla Structures course

      3D model examples, set of plugins for Tekla and many other useful materials. The course is in English. After completing the course, you can test your skills by completing a modeling assignment and answering test questions to receive a course certificate. After completing the course, you can use Tekla Structures for detailing, design, and data management from planning to building and construction on site.

    • Our SAP2000 course gives you understanding of fundamental aspects of the software. Through this SAP2000 course, you will understand buckling analysis, multi-layered nonlinear shell elements, progressive collapse, velocity-dependent dampers, etc. And how useful these are in engineering. Our qualified trainers will enlighten you on the implementation of the analyzing engine and designing tools used by the engineers around the world.

    • Our comprehensive IdeaStatica training for structural engineers involved in calculations and verification of connection. Improve your skills in designing, calculating and testing various steel joints. During our course you will learn features of using the IDEA StatiCa software, calculation and verification of welded and bolted joints, obtaining critical information about the connection, its design and its compliance with design standards (AISC, Eurocode, etc.).

    Online course Tekla Structures (English/Spain)



    PLUGINS FOR TEKLA STRUCTURES Since 2009, Topengineer assist the construction companies in providing solutions for all their BIM projects. Our mission is to make available new integrated and adapted BIM resources to answer to all your issues and support you in seizing the digital transformation of the sector ‘s processes as an opportunity and a support for your future innovations.

    Our expertise includes: - Our team create user-friendly plugins, applications, drawing tools, macros, integration tools with Tekla Structures and other BIM software. - BIM Data interoperability. - Follow up and maintenance Rebar & Precast concrete manufacturers, Engineering firms, contractors and all other involved in the construction industry.

    We are here to attend you at each step of your innovative projects!

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